Saturday, December 17, 2011

Reactive Or Aggressive?

As I've drifted over toward the "softer" side of dog training (and back to the other side again, and then over here, there, everywhere, and once around backwards on one leg) I've come across the term "reactive" used instead of "aggressive" when describing dogs who behave like Monster. Finding a clear and agreed upon definition for "aggressive dog" and "reactive dog", or pinpointing the exact difference between the terms - if there is one - has proven more than I can manage.

I'm sticking with "aggressive" when describing Monster, because I honestly see no point in talking around it. Aggressive may not be enough to encompass everything which combines into his behavior, and it may be far from the truth of what lies behind it all, but let's be honest: you see a dog trying to choke himself on his leash, screaming and lunging at you, you don't think the word "aggressive"? Yeah, thought so.

I have an aggressive dog.

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