Sunday, September 9, 2012

Monster Dog - Monster House!

Inspired by all the handiness surrounding me up here I thought I'd show off a bit myself and slap together a nice little dog house for Monster:

Err... Am I supposed to grow a bit more?

I think I may have made some sort of scaling error... Still, it's a nicely sturdy 8 m square (85 ft square) double notched half-timber cabin (with a rather large door) - even if I do say so myself - and I'm sure someone can find a use for it!
(Maybe someone with a pony...)

Never mind! I think we should keep it after all!

Monster is still having a great time up here (although he thinks I've spent too much time on the Monster House), but I've noticed some issues we need to work on once we get back to our own little world. For instance: don't teach a reactive, giant dog to target the palm of your hand... You see, when people see a Cane Corso come running toward them with a bit of a growl and quite a threatening bark, what do they do? Thaaat's right, they hold out their hands in a "stop"-gesture. And what does a nice little Monster do? That's right, he runs right up to them and goes for their hands ("Your dog tried to bite me!" is a bit of a head scratcher - let me assure you: if Monster wanted to bite, you'd be bitten...), since clearly they're fun people who want to play the target game! And even better if they raise their hands up above their heads - that means they're really fun people who want to make it a bit of a challenge! So Monster becomes a targeting rubber ball, while the poor targets believe they're being attacked...

Be smarter than me (I know, I know, that's not hard), don't teach "scary" dogs to target hands!