Thursday, March 6, 2014

Out Of Office

Just dropping by to tell you that I'm not exactly playing hooky from the blog (for once)! I'm currently up north in my old home town - you know, that ridiculously backwards place where the Internet is a rare animal to find - to visit my parents. My father has once again acted under the delusion that he's just the same as he was in his twenties, and consequently got his foot caught in the snow chains as he was climbing around on his... logger? harvester? big-tractor-thingy-you-cut-down-trees-with? yeah, let's go with the last one. Anyway, he fell backwards, landed on his head/shoulder/back, broke a bunch of bones, whacked his skull, and smashed an eye. So here we are, dad's injured and Monster and I are hanging out in the sticks for a while. I don't know when we'll be getting back to civilization, but you'll have to manage - somehow! - for a while without us...

Did Grampa cut these down before he fell?