Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Wednesday Of Shame

I'm really upset over something entirely unrelated, so let's just get this over with (at least I'm posting, that's something, right).

  • Walks:   1h 45min. About the same as yesterday. Yeah, the weather is quite bad (two minutes after leaving for our morning walk I had a rare white Corso at the end of the leash, and another couple of minutes after that he'd given up trying to shake the snow off and just rolled with it) and I have a couple of other things on my mind, but I mean just look at the statistics for this past week! It's not pretty...
  • Exercise:   5-10min maybe. I've tried to use the snowfall to have Monster walk on leash through deep snow, forcing him to lift his legs high for each step. But not as much as I meant to. (I get tired from walking through deep snow too, plus Monster just loves to run like crazy through the snowdrifts and I didn't have the heart to force him to walk calmly when he just wanted to go nuts...)
  • Training:   Let's just not even talk about it, OK?
  • Planning/preparation:   No.
  • Other:   Since I'm feeling desperate to find something to write about, I guess I can mention he's spent a couple hours out in the yard today while I was working on the car. The fact that I list "spent time outside" as something worth mentioning is sufficiently pathetic to also serve the purpose of shaming.
In other, but unfortunately related, news, tomorrow Tin Can has to go in for the annual safety inspection tomorrow (all cars must get looked over once a year by a specialized garage here, in order to ensure road safety), and he will not pass. I've been trying to fix what I can today, but I'm really not a car person so what I can do isn't much. And some things may have become worse after I fiddled with them... The problem is that I can't afford a new car, but I'm worried the repair costs for some of Tin Can's issues may exceed the cost of a new car! But where we live we need a car (there's one bus in the morning & one in the evening, that's it). Unless the car fairy drops by for a visit we really need Tin Can to pull a(nother) miracle tomorrow. We'll see. Monster will have to stay home tomorrow, though - if nothing else he'd make it a lot more difficult to catch a ride home if worse comes to worst, nothing like hitchhiking with a reactive Corso next to you...

What?! Everyone would stop for me!


  1. I think I saw the same video on Do as I Do, can't wait to try it! Tobasco gets really stressed and worried if we do something new, be it tricks or training, so we have to ease into new things. Otherwise, he gives up and runs to his crate. Good luck with Tin Can!

    1. Oh, yes! Do try it, and please let me know how it works for you! :)
      Monster is also a bit of a worrier, so I too hope the this method will help him feel more comfortable. Plus I'm hoping once he understands the protocol, it'll be a great way for him to learn to relate to strangers! It's such a fun and simple way to train I think most people would like to try it a little even if the dog is scary looking... :)

      But we'll see how it goes, and it'll be very interesting to hear how you're doing too. And thanks for the luck!


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