Thursday, January 30, 2014

Thursday Again

Yeah, I can't with the dramaqueen headers anymore... Anyway, I'm exhausted, let's get through this (I'm such a cheerful and optimistic person...)

  • Walks:   2h 30min. Comme ci comme ca... All things considered, not so bad for this day at least.
  • Exercise:   ~20min. Walking through deep snow can take quite an effort. Monster was having so much fun I don't think he really felt it then and there, but he's actually been a little tired tonight and he's never tired!
  • Training:   0 I think. Coulda woulda shoulda... Some simple obedience and similar on our walk, but nothing more.
  • Planning/preparation:   Nothing.
  • Other:   No

Today was the day I confirmed my car is magical! First of all, the driving conditions were awful this morning, so after checking which roads were open and not I wound up leaving home an hour earlier than I'd planned since there were accidents and drifting snow closing a lot of the roads I'd meant to take! But in spite of the conditions, Tin Can just plowed through (literally, in some places!) and we got to the garage half an hour early. And he sailed through the check! I mean, sure I got a list of things to fix but rust and a broken tail light is nothing compared to what I was expecting. Not only do we now have a car for at least one more year (barring accidents), I won't have to sell my teeth to pay for repairs! This may not seem terribly important on a dog blog, but having to go for the car inspection meant Monster losing time plus us not having a car would severely impact Monster's life too. So, a dog blog can be about a car and still be a dog blog. Because I say so.

What you're really saying is that you're tired and can't keep your mind straight, right?

 That too...

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